Vagrant - backup and restore environment

Posted on Wed 06 January 2016

This post is related to previous post "Vagrant with multiple machines and ports".

1. Backup boxes

Remove file 70-persistent-net.rules on appsrv and monsrv before backup:

ssh -i ~/.vagrant.d/id_rsa vagrant@ -p 3333 'sudo rm -f /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules'
ssh -i ~/.vagrant.d/id_rsa vagrant@ -p 4444 'sudo rm -f /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules'

Stop environment:

cd ~/vagrant-homework/
vagrant halt

List VirtualBox VMs

$ vboxmanage list vms
"centos6" {ba7bbf9f-cf45-4872-a2b4-f4a6998e333a}
"vagrant-homework_appsrv_1445242618886_52097" {282d58e1-9894-4862-9699-81f8711c61b4}
"vagrant-homework_monsrv_1445242661704_79538" {6cec7ec4-5ab2-418e-befd-810f21e2fdc7}

Package appsrv and monsrv:

cd ~
vagrant package --output --base vagrant-homework_appsrv_1445242618886_52097
vagrant package --output --base vagrant-homework_monsrv_1445242661704_79538

Put all file in one archive:

cd ~
tar cf vagrant_env.tar .vagrant.d/id_rsa 
tar rf vagrant_env.tar 
tar rf vagrant_env.tar 
tar rf vagrant_env.tar vagrant-homework/

Share file vagrant_env.tar

2. Restore boxes

Download file vagrant_env.tar to your home directory on another host.

Start vagrant environment.

tar xf vagrant_env.tar
vagrant box add appsrv 
vagrant box add monsrv 
cd vagrant-homework/
vagrant up