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Kubernetes – simple install on CentOS 7 with Web UI

This posts shows working kubernetes setup on CentOS 7.2.1511. Some steps are not covered in other articles on the internet.
Current Kubernetes release version 1.2.0-0.13 in the CentOS default repositories.

0. Install 2 servers

All your kubernetes nodes will be in 3 different subnets at the same time:

  • External interface subnet:
  • Flannel subnet: # Do not use existing subnet
  • Service cluster subnet: # Do not use existing subnet

Each server has 1 Ethernet adapter. Example configuration:


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Docker – CentOS 7 container on Ubuntu

Create base image from current CentOS 7 system with one command:

tar --numeric-owner --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys --exclude=/boot --exclude=/usr/lib/firmware --exclude=/usr/lib/modules --exclude=/usr/lib/udev -cvf centos7.tar /

You will have file size 565M from CentOS 7 minimal install.

More optimal way:
As result you'll have 247M file.

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